Monday, May 18, 2009

Trip to Disney Part One

Okay so last week we took our very first family vacation to Dinsey World. We borrowed my in laws camper and stayed at the Ft Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds on Disney. That place was pretty cool - they have all kinds of stuff that could keep you busy even if you didn't go to Disney - I highly recommend it to anyone. We took the camper and got it all set up before we headed off to find Wal-Mart for food and Camping World for a lock to replace the one that was on the camper. Apparently my in-laws had previously locked the keys inside by accident and hadn't replaced it yet so we would have to do that. We used the GPS thingy on DaddyZilla's cell phone - that thing is the stupidest thing in the world - it sent us to a Walmart that was almost 10 1/2 miles away when there was one WAY closer then it kept telling us that the camping world should be in the exact location of a strip mall that contained tourist stores - BLAH. Well anyway Camping World (when we found it) was closed on Sunday for Mothers Day so we went back to the camper and planned to go the following day (yes we slept that first night and then went to a park with our camper unsecured and yes I know that wasn't smart but not much we could do about it). Well that night I left Zilla inside watching Thomas while I went out to ask DZ a question. What does my lovely little heathen do? He LOCKS THE DANG DOOR while I'm outside!!! So now all the windows and the door is locked with the 2 year old inside saying "mama help mama help" and he wasn't exactly interested in listening to my pleas to unlock the door but he did enjoy waving at us and saying "hi mama hi daddy" from the window! Well I was able to get the door unlocked even though I had to crawl through a small hole to push up a bed and unlock the window and then climb through the window to unlock the door - and boy am I paying for it now cause I pulled a muscle in my back doing that. All that and we hadn't even got into a park yet!

The first day on the bus headed to the park I asked Zilla how old he was and when he didn't answer I said "Your 2 right?" and he responded "No I 5" LOL! Also at the little bus depot at the camp grounds where you wait for your appropriate bus they had a lady with a little bean bag toss game set up. Zilla LOVED that - he called them "pillows" and wanted to play pillows anytime we went by there LOL. I'm gonna see about making him his own pillows for home - anyone have any suggestions on what best to use for the filling or for the board?

Our First Day was Animal Kingdom and we had a super duper fun time there. It was so nice and shaded which was super awesome since it felt about 200 degrees (no seriously though it was in the high 90s and Florida's normal 200% humidity really did make it feel that hot) so the shade was nice. I really enjoyed the Kilimanjaro Safari and the Expedition Everest ride even though I was the only one to ride that since it was a roller coaster. We even were able to find a nice shaded table to eat our lunch at. It didn't take long to do everything on our "list" at that park and we were pretty much rapped up by 1pm. We did have to wait about 30 minutes for our bus to take us back to the campgrounds but it wasn't too bad. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing (me), trying to take a nap (zilla) and getting & installing the new lock (DZ). We cooked out that night and got to bed early so that we could handle the park and the heat of the next day. I will talk about that tomorrow though cause my back is really hurting and I'm gonna go take come drugs and lay on a heating pad. Maybe I'll watch twilight again to annoy DZ LMAO. Night folks here are some pictures to enjoy!!

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Tinna said...

Zilla is the spitting image of have two handsome guys there!!!

I just love all the pics!

Nanna ;)

Tiffany said...

Nanna~ thanks! Hmm guess your right they do look sorta alike in that picture. lol

Bri said...

AWW He has gotten so dang big since we last saw him! Animal Kingdom was a quick one for us too but we all loved the safari. Did you see any shows?

Tiffany said...

Bri~ I know ALL the kids are growing up so fast its not even funny. We didn't see any shows mainly because Zilla would have thrown a fit - he's not big on sitting still but also because by the time we left he was just so dang hot and tired - it was a HOT day even for me and I lived in Florida my whole life practically.