Friday, May 8, 2009

We're going away

On vacation that is. Tomorrow we are leaving to go down to Florida to go on our very first family vacation. We are going to be taking advantage of an awesome deal that Disney is offering to Military Service Members.

I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! I just know that Zilla is going to have the best time. Anyway I'm planning to try and use the Blogger In-Draft feature to blog. Hopefully there it will work but if it doesn't and it posts a whole bunch of blogs on the same day well sorry. I am not sure about our Internet access so the pictures and trip fun might have to wait until next week. Ok people I seriously need to get packing ttyl!


John Deere Mom said...

Have a wonderful time!! That's so exciting. We have never been to Disney or taken a family vacation. We are thinking of a little 2-3 day trip this summer. Can't wait to hear how it went!!!

Tiffany said...

JDM~ Thanks we will be headed down to Disney today and I'm so stinking excited its not even funny. I will be sure to post EVERYTHING when we get back!! This will be our first vacation since we got married 7 years ago so I'm happy about that.