Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who needs sleep? Not us

I am a night person and have always been - I used to watch Letterman with my mom when i was a toddler LOL. I tend to go to bed late so understandably I enjoy sleeping in. My son, however, does not. Zilla is a morning type of kid and usually gets up before it's even light out. Last night I finally went to bed somewhere around 1am - yes I know he gets up early and yes I still stay up late don't ask - so I was expecting at least 5 hours of sleep before getting up. So I heard Zilla on the monitor and I got up to let him out of his room thinking I had gotten some sleep only to find out when I got him some milk that it was freaking 3am - yep I didn't even get 2 whole hours of sleep! One would think that at 3am everyone, including Zilla, would be sorta tired but nope not the energizer bunny of a kid I have he was running on full power. I managed to stay up until 10 before tagging DZ to take over so I could take a nap. Zilla managed to stay up until 11am before he finally fell over for a nap. I feel like the walking dead right now.

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