Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Big Boy

I took Zilla for a haircut this past week mainly because we were going on a trip and also because his hair was starting to look like a throw back to the 60’s. Anyway I decided after much deliberation (and questioning everyone I knew with a kid about where they went) to take him on post and have the ladies at the PX (Post Exchange) Barber Shop to cut it. I was really crossing my fingers because at our old base I NEVER would have considered taking him there because they just didn’t know how to not do a military cut and I wanted my baby to still look like a baby plus the ladies there weren’t very nice or patient – both of those is needed to do just about anything with Zilla let alone a hair cut. Anyway I took him in when it was empty except for one other man and I immediately told him sorry for the screaming that was bound to happen. I should have known that it would actually stay empty but oh well she had already started by then. The lady was super duper nice and the Military guys –I could have hugged them- they were nice and didn’t make and snide remarks or faces or anything. I can’t really say the same for stupid civilians. One guy –the guy I warned and apologized to- proceeded to start calling Zilla “a baby” and say “oh look who’s crying like a baby” and a lady mouthed her opinion like I wasn’t even sitting there saying “that’s why I cut my own son’s hair at that age I wouldn’t have done this to other people” – You all should be VERY proud of me as I didn’t maim any of them. Now of course this was mainly because I was on post and it could have caused my husband some grief at work but whatever I just kept my trap shut. Zilla actually did REALLY well for him – at home if I even look like I’m trying to trim his hair he has a hissy fit. At the barber shop he only started really getting cranky when she broke out the clippers. Anyway here is my “baby” now – he looks SOOOO much older. It’s a little shorter than I was thinking it would be but it looks good on him and since his hair grows like mine it will grow out in no time 
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Anna said...

he's adorable!
they did a great job!

John Deere Mom said...

It's amazing how a hair cut can add 4 years to a kid! He is such a cutie!

Tiffany said...

Anna~ Thanks! I thought they did an excellent job as well. If you can beleive it his hair has already grown out a little tiny bit making the change not quite so 'sharp'!

JDM~ Thank you! Your right a haircut can really make a big difference!