Sunday, May 31, 2009

He got to second base!

My son is not even three and he's already got to second base!

This morning I was lounging on the couch with the boy trying to wake up when I was assaulted. Zilla was driving his Lightning McQueen around on me when he noticed the "tunnel" and wanted to drive his car "in the dark mama". I told him no but he didn't listen -big surprise there- and drove his car down my shirt and in between my boobs. That wasn't enough for him I guess because my reaction caused him to think it was super funny and he then stuck his pudgy little hand inside my bra!

Getting felt up by a toddler before 7am is not really how I like to start my days people.


Anna said...

LOL oh yeah, many a day that's the only action I get! LOL
soo cute!

Tiffany said...

Anna ~ I'm sure your husband likes that LOL