Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun and interesting. A friend and I held a yard sale on Saturday and even though it was colder than crap (for GA) we had a steady stream of people all morning and we didn't do too bad. I made like $100 and my friend ended up with about $20 after she paid me for all the stuff she bought from me LOL. That's how it works right when you have yard sales with friends you just trade crap HAHA. After the yard sale DaddyZilla, Zilla and I watched the Ohio football game with them and then we came home to watch Florida State play. Both teams WON!!!!! Today we had a birthday breakfast for Daddyzilla at Cracker Barrel - can we say YUM!! Then went to the mall and walked around. Zilla did not nap today so hopefully he will go to bed nicely tonight cause 24 premieres tonight! Ok I'm off to read my book and watch DaddyZilla doing his medicine ball exercises - oh yeah!

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Bri said...

hahahaha I am surprised I have toes left, and I ended up with about $46 which I only made AFTER the yard sale was over... had one lady come to the door and buy $6 worth of books or was it $3? Hmmm... and another lady bought my digital picture frame for $40. Not too shabby LoL Now if I could just sell the rest of this crap HA!