Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Letter of Intent

I sent off our letter of intent to vacate our rental house today. It's so crazy because I've known we were moving for a while now but today it just seems so final and it kinda puts a wet blanket over my shoulders. I'm glad that we are leaving our current Duty Station but it's hard because this is the place where my friends (no matter how few there are now) are and where my son was born and where his friends are also my brother and his wife and son are here. It's just a bitter sweet happy for me and it makes me want to cry. I'm also not looking forward to the actual move and unpacking. My house looks like a tornado (um can we say Zilla) hit and it seems crazy to think that we will be all packed up in less than 30 days. My best friend told me today that "it'll be ok" and she's right - mainly because there is no choice but to be ok - kinda like deployment - nothing else you can do besides be ok. Ok I'm gonna go put my big girl panties on now and stop my whining. Have a good day y'all!!

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