Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zilla's Crazy Night

My poor baby had a bad night. First off mommy was super mean and turned off Thomas so that we could take a bath and then I tried to comb off some of his insane cradle cap that he still has. He was not really into the whole comb thing, he kept taking the comb from me saying "no more" and setting it down on the side of the After that I washed his hair (that in and of itself is a horrible expereince for him) but after I rinsed his hair out he slipped and hit his head pretty hard on the tub. See he's been having some constipation issues lately and while I was washing his hair he was standing on one leg trying to hold it in and thats why he slipped. If he had been standing on both feet he would have been fine but instead he will now probably have a nice fat bruise on the side of his face. Well after we got out of the tub he began to show signs of needing to poop and I held him and assist in getting it to come out - its not as fun as it sounds really - and he dropped the biggest turd I've ever seen on my FOOT - yes my foot and the carpet. He was pissed but DaddyZilla was able to calm him down while I cleaned up. Then (yes theres more) I clipped his nails. I know your thinking I'm so mean for doing his nails after all that happened but see the way I look at it it was the perfect time because he was already having a crappy night so no sense in ruining a good night right? Anyway he's asleep now and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him!

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Penz said...

kids are peculiar creatures...but poop and all we love them.