Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

Today started off the beginning to the Holiday Shopping Season (even though I'm pretty much done with mine) so the stores tried to grab customers attention with great deals. My friend Bri and I decided to get up WAY to early and join the crazies. I woke up this morning at 4am - yes you read that correctly - I know I know I'm not really a morning person and to actually get up at 4am is insane but well that's what the holidays will do to you! HA

Anyway I went and picked up at 4:25 this morning and we headed over to Movie Stop to get some cheap movies - they had pretty much everything Bri was looking for and even had Krispy Kreme there! After that we headed across the street to Office Depot because I was interested in a lap top they had (mine is like 6 years old and S-L-O-W) but I think everyone that left Best Buy in the same plaza had that idea cause there were about 60-75 people in line waiting at 5:20 for a store that opened at 6 - yeah it was a good deal but not that good of a deal. Needless to say we just drove away and headed to Target with a quick stop at Starbucks (duh). This is what that looked like:

We got in there pretty easily and got the couple things we were scoping out then jetted off to Bass Pro for some thermal underwear for DaddyZilla (if gets cold riding the hog!) and then to Gymboree. Gymbo was having an awesome deal on their fleece and outerwear so we snagged some of those deals then headed back to target. The second time in target we meaning Bri cause I didn't buy anything there had a longer wait for a line. While she was in line I got in line for the Potty when I witnessed some lady pretty much forcing some guy to leave the men's room so she could use it - she wasn't even old or pregnant - that's just rude people. Anyway then we headed to Walmart where I actually scored a pair of Thomas $4 pj's in Zilla's size!! Other than that they were pretty much tapped out of the good stuff so we headed to Kmart and then to the sears parking lot - that's as far as we got cause there wasn't ANY parking that wouldn't' involve jumping a curb and grass - um no. We were home by 10 and I didn't even get one thing for myself - oh well it was all about DZ and ZillaRoo today and I'm cool with that!!! I didn't witness any real craziness today you know no one trying to kill each other over anything (apparently we missed that at walmart from what we heard) just a lot of people running around like crazy spending money!!! I did manage to get a nap, Thank the Lord, this afternoon or else I would have fallen over. Since then we have just been dealing with a cranky toddler that instead of napping had a bed jumping marathon.

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