Saturday, November 1, 2008

We needed Urgent Care

Today I took Zilla to our Urgent One clinic because his poor little booty was killing him. He was on antibiotics semi-recently and it did a number on him. He become 'backed up' and then got a diaper rash from hell that has been just getting worse since then. Well it had finally gone on long enough and I decided that he needed to be seen and get something for his butt. It had become so raw and painful that he would start screaming when he even saw a diaper or the tub - talk about making your heart melt like butter. I just couldn't see my baby in pain anymore.

The doc said he has a yeast rash and gave us some cream and a anti-fungal powder to put on it. He is also to be left diaperless as much as possible. So maybe this will help him potty train too! lol Don't worry people I'm not holding my breathe on that one but it would be nice. He did really well at the clinic and only mildly gave death looks to the doctors and nurses - he started saying "bye" (very adamantly I might add) as soon as we walked into the back He does hate him some doctors & nurses - haha.

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