Monday, November 3, 2008

It Felt like an ice pik

I just wanted to alert those of you considering an IUD what it would feel like.

I decided to get a Mirena IUD because I had heard so many good things about them and I wouldn't have to remember to go in every 3 months for my shot (Depo Provera - totally LOVED it). After 3 pregnancy tests and many hoops to jump through -thanks tricare- I had my appt today to get it put in. I had been told that it would just be mildly uncomfortable by tons of people. Well HAHA yeah right. The doc told me that I would feel a "slight pinch" um yeah lady a slight pinch does NOT feel like an ice pik was stuck up my stuff! That wasn't even the actual IUD that was just the "clamp" used to hold my cervix in place - yes it was as painful as it sounds - the IUD was after the "slight pinch" and was not quite as bad but still not what i think of as slightly uncomfortable. I am now having horrible back pain and some cramping. Hopefully some motrin and a heating pad will help me out. So anyway just in case you were wondering - an IUD procedure feels like an ice pick and the people at WACH don't really grasp what "slight" means AT ALL.

Oh yeah and Zilla didn't get a nap due to my appt time so i get to suffer all the way around tonight! YAY

update: certainly feel better today than yesterday - that was just rough

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