Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Aboard!!!

"All Aboard!!" The goodnight train is leaving town so grab your teddies and climb right up because your bed is ready!!! - thats from Zilla's fav book The Goodnight Train that we real every night before bed. Anyway Aunt Mel came up to visit this weekend and she so lovingly brought Zilla his train bed and lets just say he LOVES LOVES LOVES it!! He was trying to play with/in it before we even began to put it together and has enjoyed it every minute since! It's got a little toy box on the front, a night light (ours doesn't work for some reason), a shelf on top and small tracks on either side so he can put his trains on it! Anyway I'm just soo happy that he's in love! THANKS Aunt Mel for bringing it up! Here is Zilla enjoying his new bed!


Bri said...

Awww! Who would have thought that he wouldnt LOVE that thing? That boy is going to grow up to be a conductor hahahaaha!

Tiffany said...

yeah but he won't wear hats - think that will keep him from his dream career? LOL

Sandi said...

That's awesome! My boys would love that bed!