Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow it was HARD work

Or maybe Hardly work is more like it. Today I signed up for my first shift at my at home phone gig. It wasn't a long shift but I took what I could get. Anyway I was kinda nervous but as it turned out that was all for nothing! I sat here at my computer waiting for a call the WHOLE time. I never once got a call so I made my sad hourly wage (but hey I still get to stay home with my monster and thats whats really important) for doing NOTHING. Well actually I did journal some and played a few games of solitaire oh and I enjoyed the silence cause DZ took Zilla out for the afternoon. Not to bad for a afternoon of non-work.

**Well Rick You can wign up with West but I have to tell you that it will take months to actually get hired! They take as long as the government to offer jobs!! lol


Rick said...

Where do I sign up?

Rick said...

Too bad. I could use a do nothing job - more time to doodle.

I got your email and I'll reply here very short.

P.S. Jealous of your husband's bike - I am.