Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie Review

My MIL got us a 3 month thing to Netflix and I have to say that we LOVE it! We have only had it since we got to the new house - but we had a movie here the next day! - but we've seen quite a few movies. Here are my thoughts on them:
The Dutchess: It follows Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire, in this adaptation of Amanda Foreman's novel. Unhappily married to the duke of Devonshire Georgiana indulges in extravagant vices and begins a scandalous affair with politician. It was really good - I enjoyed it quite a bit and so did DZ. I thought that it would be kinda stuffy but not at all and it gave a good glimpse at a time long ago. It's certainly worth seeing!

Hancock: Starring Will Smith as a kinda unliked and unwilling super hero. I had heard mixed reviews but I enjoyed it. The ending wasn't at all what I was expecting so that was nice for a change. It has Charleze Theron in it and although I wasn't 100% liking her in this role she didn't take away from the film at all. It wasn't something I'd buy but it made for a nice movie night!

Little Miss Sunshine: Follows a family on their way to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant and all the 'stuff' in between. This was totally funny and I couldn't help but laugh throughout the whole thing. I won't lie there were some things that they could have elaborated on and some things they could have left out totally but it was certainly funny. Worth watching but maybe something to catch on TBS or something.

We have also checked out: Thomas Classics Disc One, School House Rock and Pixar Short films. Thomas was well Thomas and Zilla loved it! School House Rock was a blast from the past and had some very groovy music but I think that Zilla might still be a little too young to "get it" still. Pixar short films was by far the biggest let down I've had in a while - I really thought it would be full of super cute little gems but well it wasn't. Oh well you can't win them all right. I'm looking forward to Ghost Town, Over Her Dead Body, August Rush and The Queen - those are whats on the queue right now!

Oh on a side note I just finished The Nanny Diaries book my friend gave me forever ago and it's really funny. I don't know how it relates to the movie because I haven't seen it but the book is full of lots and lots of quick wit and tons of cussing LOL read it!

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