Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Proofing, Maps and Trains

I know they don't seem related but they are - well for me anyway. Our first day in the new house was full of them.

Oh the first night (before we crashed on our air mattresses) I dismantled a little baby proofing gone wild. Seriously ladies when the books tell you to baby proof thats great but come on this is just going too far I think.
Photobucket Thats what I pulled out of my KITCHEN - yes those were all in my kitchen. She had them on the doors and the drawers! I don't know how people deal with those things they are sooooo annoying.

Before we left civilization um I mean Savannah we had made a final journey to a decent mall and found a little beauty of a Train table WITH trains and tracks for half off so we snagged it! It's small enough for Zilla's room but still big enough to play on. So that first day we set it up and Zilla has been playing with it ever since. It's great because when he's over the trains we can turn the things over and use it as a lego table or puzzles/games. He really enjoys it because it's just his size and was a steal for that price - shoot we could sell the tracks for what we paid for the whole thing - well we could have. I ended up having to gorilla glue the bridge part to itself because he kept knocking it over and was getting totally po'd so instead of listening to that and having to fix it anytime his booty bumped the table we just glued it. It's all good he will get plenty of play out of it. Here he is with his new table:

Here is Zilla helping to navigate our way through town LOL

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How's Alabama treating you? I'm a native, you know!