Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that amuse a toddler

Thing one: Q-Tips! Zilla was (i say was because they are now located on top of the closet) OBSESSED with playing in the Q-Tips. I had them in a drawer in my bathroom up until today. Well little turd figured out that they were there and would actually sneak off when I was not paying attention -you know busy with other mom things- to go in and shut the door and play quietly with the q-tips. He would get them all out of the box throw them up in the air and push his trains through them. I'm not sure why no one thought of these brilliant uses before. This has been a daily thing for him - if he's quiet I go looking in my bathroom.

Thing two: toilet paper! Today while I was checking my e-mail Zilla managed to unroll an entire roll of Quilted Northern Double Roll! He was bringing it (in clumps) into the living room and sitting it on the couch! Why you ask? Why not - who doesn't need some toilet paper on the couch?

Think he's crying out for attention? Yeah I didn't think so either - he's probably just being a boy! lol


Bri said...

Pay attention to your kid maybe LoL

That boy can move in stealth mode... he really is going to make a great football player hahahaha!

Tiffany said...

He's done stuff even when I am in the same room! Besides you mean I have to actually WATCH him? what? Thats insane LMAO

Your right he does have a serious stealth mode! I don't know if that will help him football but maybe he has a bank robbing job in his future LOL