Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to Podunk!

Yep thats where I now live! Actually it's a small, very small, town named Daleville but Podunk could totally describe it. There is a grocery outlet and a food giant - the only places to go and "shop" are the family dollar and dollar general oh and the gas station! There is some fast food places (right outside the gate) and a small library but all in all it's pretty small for this Orlando native. It will certainly take some time to get used to. It's so stinking quiet that you can hear crickets and frogs at night! Anyway here's the new house:
It's very cute but definitely has a big country feel especially considering some of the wallpaper choices inside lol. It's a tad smaller than our previous house but well the pickings were quite slim so since beggers can't be choosers we are here for the long haul. It did feel kinda big before we brought all our of HUGE furniture into it. I swear we have some big heavy pieces of furniture and the movers were none to happy about it because as you can see in the picture we are slightly up a hill...oh well. It's got a cute little front porch and another porch in back but no fence - so DZ is rectifying that this weekend. When it's done I'll take pics and show you the pen um I mean the fence for the kiddos. All in all we are happy with what we got for the price we got it.

Zilla loves all the "beach" and the railings on the porch as you can see:
I'm still looking for the waves but he insists it's a beach LOL.

As I said before we were here for like a week with nothing but what we toted here ourselves. Well luckily we got our shipment of household goods Thursday. Only a few things were broken such as: my desk (it snapped into like 3 pieces), a stand up fan, my shower rack, a serving bowl (not my fiesta thank goodness), the treadmill (Aunt D I will let you know what is gonna happen about that - just a few cracks in the side rails) and a figurine from Zilla's room. We did however come up missing the top to one of our end tables - who knows where that is. All in all it could have been soooo much worse so I'm happy. We did have to unpack it all - thats not exactly what they told us but oh well it's all good. The house still looks like a disaster but I'm sure it will get situated soon. I also mapped out the mileage in my neighborhood so that I can go on walks/runs and DZ & I plan to start switching off so that we can go to the gym.


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

That is such a cute house! I'm glad overall that you are situated now, and sorry that there isn't more shopping. I don't know what I would do with myself. Hopefully there is a mom's group to join out there so you can get out some!
BTW-L would totally have said that was a beach too!

Tiffany said...

I'm not sure exactly how we will be in the short term with no shopping either. Zilla not only knew which way to turn off our street to get TO the mall but he actually knew his way AROUND the mall! I'm not even joking - ask nanna. We don't even have a walmart very close by! It's not too awefully far but a lot more so than before. As far as I can tell there are no moms groups - not that I think I'd be open to that anyway because of my previous expereince but the closest one I can find is about a 30ish minute drive one way - um yeah no LOL. I am looking into maybe a 2 or 3 day a week program for him once he turns 3 though.

Yeah the "beach" isn't very big but it's as close as he's gonna get anytime soon. We just moved from about 30 min from a beach to several hours away. BUT they do have a nice big lake thing here on post that we will visit this summer. Ok I'm rambling haha. bye now