Friday, January 9, 2009

Okay so lets back up some

*Pressing the Rewind button* Okay so DZ and I decided to let the Army move us cause I didn't feel like packing an entire house plus do Christmas and watch the tornado. Well the packers were scheduled to come on the 29th and the movers the 30th. So bright and early on the 29th they call and say they were on their way along with the movers - guess they were in town and just decided to do it all in one day. So I rushed Zilla over to my SIL's and got back as they were pulling up. The two packers plus the 4 movers quickly meant that 6 people were going to be packing my house at the same time which meant that I wasn't going to be able to watch them to make sure they didn't break or steal stuff. DZ and I were running around like crazy because this was our first Army move so we had zero clue what to expect. Anyway the day was progressing along nicely until there was a little accident - not with us or our stuff but of the vehicular kind. Our old house was in a neighborhood and on a two lane street, well the huge freaking semi they used to haul our stuff took up a lane so people were actually having to remember traffic rules to yield and all that. Well if you've ever been to Savannah, GA you already know that people there are incredibly unable to properly yield for the most part. Well a young lady who was I guess being impatient decided to go when it wasn't her turn and when she realized that a truck was coming (whom had the right of way) she swerved and hit the moving semi! Yep thats right she, in an effort to save a few minutes of time, totally jacked up her oh wait nope not even hers but her boyfriends car. She was VERY shaken up by it understandably and it caused the movers guy to get a little behind on the inventory of the house. The funny thing was that the cop that responded was the very same cop who had helped out DZ once before AND had also responded to his motorcycle crash!! Weird - totally a twilight zone moment but he's a nice cop so it's all good. Here's the pictures of her car - I think the semi won:

Before packing/moving day DZ and I had been seriously going through our house (mostly me but he did help some) to try and get rid of stuff because well we had gathered A LOT of crap that we just didn't use. Anyway I managed to yard sale, craigslist, freecycle and trash a whole bunch - not enough but thats a different story - started our new year off nicely and hopefully helped some others in the process. Here is our moving day trash pile (that was the same day as trash pick-up):

So they got everything all tagged and loaded that day by 5pm! We went and brought Zilla home and set up our air mattresses and his toddler bed **he has been sleeping in it ever since - GOODBYE CRIB!!!!** and started cleaning. On the 31st our landlord came by to take a look and we got our whole deposit back - They really were just awesome people and I wish them all the best!! We went to chuck e cheese with my brother and SIL and then stayed New Years Eve with our good friends before heading west LOL. It's a LONG LONG boring drive across Georgia like seriously long - it doesn't look like a wide state but it is. It's especially long when your toddler had decided that he wanted to get up and celebrate the new year from 3am to 5:30am. We checked into our hotel digs and signed on our house on the 2nd. Ok more about that to come!! I need to go unpack a few boxes!!


Anonymous said... that the LR shelf I see in your trash? Why not take it???

The Garbage Guru ;)

Tiffany said...

Why yes that is the shelf from the livingroom in the trash. The reason its in the trash instead of Alabama is mainly because we have a mantel now so we don't need a shelf and also because that was just a rough piece of wood that I spray painted and put brackets on - the wood was even already in the garage. I had no attachments to the shelf and it served it's purpose so now it's gone on to a better place! There was TONS of stuff in the trash that you probably wouldn't approve of but thats ok! LOL

Penz said...

Let me just say that I totally hate moving. Really. i am done with that myself. I am cleaning out everything from my house now just to do it because we have so much crap...ever wonder how it gets that way?...anyway, have fun unpacking..and maybe you can show us the house :)

Tiffany said...

Yeah I'm not sure how we accumulated all that stuff either (I'm guessing that Nanna probably helped though) because I'm super good at getting rid of crap througout the year. I mean I regularly give stuff away via freecycle and sell things on craigslist. I just don't get it.

It was a lot easier to have someone else move us - still stressful just easier HAHA.