Sunday, January 25, 2009

My kids are Odd

My kids (Zilla and the dog that is) are so weird they like to sleep in the oddest places and positions! The other day Zilla, who hadn't had a nap, decided to climb up on the couch and curl up behind me and nod off. He was SOOOO cute and even though my legs were going numb I stayed still cause I didn't want to wake him!! Daisy is the oddest dog I've ever seen. The other night she decided that she was going to try and curl up in between my dresser and the wall where the dirty clothes were. The hamper is normally there but I had been washing clothes so she tried to fit her big butt in that small opening - it was pretty funny. Here are the pics:
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Bri said...

Both are so dang cute! Adam did what Zilla did the other day. Sara was down for a nap and I put a movie on for the rest of us to watch. He curled up at my feet on the other end of the couch and was out within minutes. If only that worked EVERY day.

Tiffany said...

LOL thats he did! He literally got up there and snuggled in and bam was out like a light. He slept for a while like that to. Crazy kids - it didn't look that comfy to me but oh well.