Tuesday, April 14, 2009


That's what Zilla leaves in his wake.
This is his Thomas ornament -the SECOND one-

This was Zilla after he decided to try and mess with DZ's old exhaust from his truck that he just replaced:

And this lovely mess was his attempt at bringing the beach indoors - notice how his trains are having a grand old time! What did my Dyson do to deserve this?


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're gonna have to bring the glue back out!! ...and in Zilla's defense - he came by that "getting righteously dirty" stuff honestly...I have some pics of you as a toddler and he doesn't have anything on you girl! ...I really like his inside beach set up just look at the bridges etc...show him how to use the lasagna noodles for tracks (like Evan did)...he'll have a blast!

I want to play!

Tiffany said...

Actually Mom I'm pretty sure that I have those pictures here at my house but yes you are right I surely did like to get dirty LOL. I'm actually lucky that he, unlike me as a kid, doesn't like mud so at least don't have to worry about that - for now.

He does enough damage without me showing him other stuff so no thanks I plan to keep the noodles away from him! I did let him keep the "beach" in his room for a couple days before sucking it up though - so I'm not all bad LOL.

Bri said...

Do you have gray hairs yet? If not, I see them in your near future LoL That kid cracks me up!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Bri I'm glad he cracks someone up with his antics! I don't have any gray hair yet but I'm going to continue to scope out the hair dye section so that I can find my "perfect" color LOL