Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who Would Have Thought...

That going to bed would be so painful. I just put Zilla down to sleep and the poor kid managed to bang the back and front of his head! We read to him three books every night but since he is unable to sit still for even a minute he moves around. Well tonight while I was reading he decided to sit on his toy box but it's not made for that and he sat back too far and fell inside hitting the back of his head in the process! After the crying (even though he really didn't hit it hard he was just soaking up the love LOL) stopped he began to whine cause I turned on his cd player aka the sign that its prayers then bedtime and he managed to trip (on nothing) and smack his forehead on the bed. Once again he didn't really hurt himself but I swear the kid is so uncoordinated sometimes LOL. I did finally manage to get him laid down - on the floor since he is now opposed to sleeping on his super duper cool train bed - and he's drifting off as I type.

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