Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Was Good

We had an excellent Easter day together as a family. We gave Zilla his basket this morning and he just loved everything in it - a Cars Notebook, socks and magnets as well as some marshmallows (his fav snack), some peeps and an Easter Coloring book. He devoured the peeps and I stashed the marshmallows for later. After all that we had breakfast and then played outside for a while. After nap we blew up the pool and played some more outside. I helped DZ with the shed we are putting up out back and before we knew it dinner time came rolling around. We had ham, yams, green beans and corn pudding. Zilla ate none of that -cause he's picky like that- and bam it was bed time. We read him his normal books along with the Bible story of Jesus Rising and he also heard the Veggie Tales book Easter Carol. I have pictures that I will gladly post tomorrow but well I'm just too darn tired tonight. Hope your day was filled with many blessings and lots of family fun!!

I also have some pictures of an Easter picnic that we went to on Sat that I will post tomorrow as well!!

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