Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Awesome Book!!

Back in 2007 I was forwarded an e-mail with an eBay listing in it from my mom. It was FUNNY AS HECK I mean seriously it had me cracking up! It was a listing for Pokemon Cards and You can read it HERE It was put up by Dawn Meehan who is a mom of 6 -yes I said 6- kids. That eBay listing literally went around the world and has catapulted Dawn into a whole new realm. She blogs but she has also just released her first book entitled Because I Said So.

Because I Said So is totally funny! It was just released last week I think but I got it from Amazon and read it right when it came in. It's very funny and gives you a glimpse (cause lets face it we are all curious how crazy it is with 6 kids right?) into her wild and crazy life. It really hits home that you can get through anything as long as you keep your sense of humor about it! It was great so: Buy it HERE


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Hey, you won my giveaway! Check out the post and get back to me!!

Tiffany said...

Sweet! YAY this is awesome I never win anything!!