Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keeping the Boy Busy

Zilla LOVES bounce houses so last week I saw one being advertised for sale on our local craigslist for $30. It wasn't huge or anything but big enough for Zilla and maybe another toddler. I went ahead and got it for him and boy does he love it! I'm thinking that I could probably blow it up in the dining room if I really wanted to which might be a good thing if all this stupid Alabama weather keeps up! He was so funny cause after a while he decided that he wanted a pillow in there to. He went inside and drug out a pillow and tried to get inside but he couldn't get it in. He's pretty focused when he decides he wants something so after trying for a little bit he thought and then decided to go around to the side and try his best to throw that pillow up and over the side! It was SOOOOO darn funny to watch - I kept thinking what a smart kid but since he didn't have the strength to heave it over I helped him out. Then he could jump and rest when needed LMAO!!
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More mess for me to clean up! I swear all boxes of powder need to be kept locked up - one would think I'd have learned by now but alas I haven't! Here is the latest mess:

Okay I'm not sure if I mentioned on here or not but back around Christmas that Zilla got a cool remote controlled Thomas the Train. Well he for reasons unknown to anyone but him is scared out of his mind by this toy - you'd think it was the Thomas version of Chucky. Well I took it from the cabinet it's been banished to (if I were to even open that cabinet he would run screaming!) and just set it on the floor. Well much to our surprise he adopted it as his new fav toy! He's carried it around and even likes to have it "tucked in" at bedtime. Now I was so happy that he loved it that I (stupidly) thought it was time to turn it on and use the remote - not a good idea. He threw the train down and ran screaming "NOOOOOOOOO" - he wouldn't go near it for several hours! So he likes it just turned off and the remote (alone) will send him crying! So weird. Here he is playing with JUST the train!


Anonymous said...

OMG that bounce house is waaaaayyy bigger than I thought - that has probably got to be the purchase of the year! Cause I know he loves him some bounce house!!!!! Good job mom & dad!!!

Nanna ;)

Anonymous said...

Just put all your boxes of sugar (brown, powdered, etc.)on the same shelf and then lay the Thomas remote in front of them!


Nanna ;)

John Deere Mom said...

That bouncer rocks! What a great deal!

Tiffany said...

Nanna all I can say is your probably going to Nanna hell for saying that about the remote! LMAO

JD Mom- Thanks and I know I was SO happy that I could snap it up - he LOVES it and it blows up in a snap. She even gave me the bag, some patches and the ground stakes!