Monday, April 27, 2009

Done with the Twilight Series

Ok I finished up the last Twilight book this morning. It's called Breaking Dawn and it has a staggering 754 pages. I started it yesterday and I have to say that I super duper liked it. I thought it was funnier than the others and I would venture to say that it was my favorite out of the four books with the original Twilight being a close second. The two books in the middle were very good but there were parts that grated on my nerves because I guess as Anna implies on her blog I'm firmly on 'Team Edward' lol but after reading the last book I see why the two middle books are important.

I actually might try and re-read it because it was SOO long and I was trying to read at the speed of light to see what happened so I'm sure I missed a few points. I said try because I have an uncanny 'ability' (that sounds dumb to say) to recall almost every detail of a book once I've read it. Even after years and years I can open to a random page read a paragraph and remember most of what happened in great detail. It's very annoying because I can't ever reread books - it takes all the fun out of it if you already know all the funny/good parts. It also makes it a pain to read newer books because I hate to spend money on books knowing that I'll never reread them. I do however think that I will at least buy Breaking Dawn so that maybe in a few weeks I can reread it and see what all I missed. Ok I'm gonna stop going on like the book geek that I am LOL!

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