Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zilla News and a Give Away!

OMG I'm so happy - Zilla has decided that he's over the weird phase of sleeping on the floor beside his bed as opposed to in it. Tonight is the second night that he's actually slept IN his bed in like almost 3 months. I was getting worried that he was going to develop back problems and need a chiropractor or something. He's gone to bed remarkably easy as well - I'm sure due to the undeniable comfort of the bed!

Also I'm almost at my 300 post mark and since that seems to be the first give away bench mark in the blogging world I decided that I'd jump on the band wagon and do one too. So in just a few short posts I will be offering up TWO different gifts. So stay tuned! Okay I'm off to read (yet another) book before bed LOL. Nighty Nite folks!


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

I promise your give away is still on it's way! So sorry that it hasn't gotten to you yet.

Tiffany said...

Kelly ~ don't worry I'm not in a tizzy or anything over it lol. I'm sure we all know, as moms, that time has a way of flying away from us so I'm cool.