Friday, April 17, 2009

High Five

Yesterday we went for a play date at our FRG leaders house so that Zilla could play and I could talk to someone over the age of 3. We had a super fun time and really enjoyed ourselves. The high light (for me - boy am I easy to please) was at the end when we were getting ready to leave. While I unlocked the car our hostess picked up Zilla to say goodbye -more likely because he was in her flowerbed playing with mulch- but anyway when she said bye she put up her hand for a high five. Well the second before I took pity on her and explained that he just didn't 'do' high fives what does that little turkey do? He put up his hand and said "five" then tentatively touched her hand with it!!! I must have had my mouth hanging to the floor I was that surprised. Leave it to your kid to make you look like a fool in front of people you just

So last night I tried my luck and asked for a high five and he did it again! Actually I get a High Ten (both hands - is that still a high five? hmm) and this morning when I told DZ since he worked a double yesterday (and today - the Army is a slave driver!) and when he asked Zilla for one Zilla came running from the living room with a HUGE megawatt smile saying "FIVE!!" and gave him one! It was so cute so the law of children says duh I didn't have my camera! LOL Oh we are SO proud of him!


Rick said...

It's those little things that young children do that bring us the biggest smiles. Obviously your child is a genius. Which side of the family does he get it from? ;-)

Bri said...

Definitely a genius, get him tested NOW! LoL I can imagine your excitement! How cool that he finally did it!

Tiffany said...

Rick & Bri - even though I'm pretty sure I detect a tiny hint of sarcasm there I will agree with you both LOL It's obviously genuis that leads an almost 3 year old to do something most 8 month olds can do HAHA.

Bri: I don't think that we will him tested though - I don't want to put any pressure on him! HA But seriously I'm so glad that he's finally getting the hang of it - I was wondering what his problem with the high five thing was.

Rick: Um HELLO he gets him genious from ME LMAO You are right about it being the small things that really get to us though. I thought my husband's smile was gonna fall off his face it was so big when Zilla gave him the high five!