Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bug Eyed Gymbo Moms

Today I decided to join a friend of mine at the mall (to avoid doing the million things I need to do before moving) so we got dressed and met them up there. Zilla is extremely hot natured and gets warm very quickly which he did today at the mall in the long sleeved shirt i put on him. While in Gymboree (my weakness is super cute kiddo clothes) Zilla got all red because he was hot so I went in the back and looked for a short sleeved shirt to buy and put on him. I found a cute shirt for $3.99 total SCORE BUT it was a double sleeved long sleeve shirt so I took it to the register to buy it. Why you ask considering I was needing a short sleeved shirt? Because I intended -and did- to destroy it by cutting the sleeves off of this brand new Gymbo shirt. Let me tell you that I got some bug eyed looks from other mothers and the manager when I took the scissors to the long sleeves. Wasn't a biggie to me I do it all the time so that Zilla can wear them longer than one season. He looks super cute in his short sleeved polo shirt by the way and I couldn't have found a better deal at walmart HAHA.


Bri said...

damn, I can't believe I missed the looks on their faces... had to have been priceless hahahaha!

Penz said...

awesome. see, as mothers we do some things that others are too uptight to do in public. well, i guess its us mothers who know how to get the good deals and see the potential of doing what we do. others are too worried about name brands and perfectness.. atta girl, make em keep lookin atcha like that. :) pinglau