Monday, December 22, 2008

Got my Heart Checked today

Yep I had the pleasure of having the fun old "lets see if mom's heart is working" check today - 3 separate times. We'll start with the biggie.
Check #1: This morning after DaddyZilla left to do some final things at work I was attempting to get things done in the living room when I noticed the sheer silence in my house - not a good sign ever - so I went to investigate. I went to my room and into my bathroom since zilla likes to play in there. Well when I got in there I didn't see Zilla however what I did see scared the living crap out of me. I saw smears of blood on: the floor, the sick, the toilet, the bathroom plunger, the shower door and the tiles around my shower door!!! So as I'm trying not to freak out I walk back into my room to look for him since he was making zero noise and then saw more blood on my bed sheets and a towel then I finally found Zilla standing in DZ's closet. I picked him up and got it cleaned off and bandaged then went to go look for what could have cut him. There are a couple previously broken tiles around the shower door so I thought that was it until I saw DZ's razor laying on the floor. Sure enough Zilla had gotten it off the sink and cut his finger - I'm just glad that it wasn't too bad cause it certainly could have been a heck of a lot worse. We will be finding a very high spot for the razors - i swear the kid can not stay away from things that do not belong to him!
Check #2: Zilla was playing in the spare bed room when I heard DZ tell him to get out and he came running up to me. Well what do I see but my son with something red on his upper lip as he's running away from me and back to the office. I RAN in there all the while yelling "what happened" -see above as to why that would totally concern me- only to find out that it was from a red sharpie marker that he found. Well I can tell you that red sharpie marker on your kids face looks like BLOOD!!! not good we didn't like that at all.
Check #3: DZ decided to go up to the mall and we grabbed some Chick Fil A (you know since we won't be even near one after we move - i needed my CFA fix) so we sat at a table. As we are sitting there eating Zilla decided that he was going to try and lean over to put something in the stroller. Well that doesn't sound like a big deal except that the stroller was somewhat behind him and it rolled away when he put his hand on it causing him to fall out of the chair. It made me and the table of women behind us all gasp.

I swear I REALLY didn't need all those tests people I could have told you my heart was good to go. Hopefully I can go a while without having to deal with that again cause I can tell you that blood, things that look like blood and your kid falling head first toward a tile floor are NOT fun. So no more tests ok zilla?

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