Monday, December 8, 2008

Playdate, Gifts and Cookies...Oh my!!

Last week was pretty much Zilla and I's last 'real' playdate here in Georgia. It was our Gift & Cookie Exchange as well so that made it a super awesome playdate. Since the mutiny there are only a few of us left so there weren't as many cookies and gifts to be had as last year but it was fun all the same. We had Buckeyes, my stained glass cookies, cake cookies and some chocolate chocolate chip cookies in attendance and they were yummy - all the guys at DZ's work totally dug them, they were gone in a matter of an hour! Zilla totally got an awesome Thomas the Train Poncho Towel - he wasn't too keen on actually putting it on but he really liked looking at it and it makes noise!!! The kids all had a blast and us adults had a good time too - to bad it will be the last one since people are going out of town then the holidays and we will be moving after that. Oh well all good things must come to an end right?

I do want to say a BIG Thank You to those who were strong enough to last in the playgroup and also to those who left - it has been an excellent two years and I'm super glad that Zilla and I were able to know each of you and your children!
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