Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weekend from Hades Part II

Okay as promised I have more from my weekend in Alabama. I have to say that either the Realtors there REALLY suck or the profession in general is just declining. DaddyZilla and I went around and looked at TONS of houses but only ended up going into a few because of various reasons but the few we went into left a bad bad taste in our mouth - the houses and the one realtor.

The first house we thought we were going to love it but once we saw it's condition we asked the realtor (who should know this crap btw) if things could/would be done and she kept saying she "didn't know" - she didn't know if the deck would be replaced, or if the yard extended beyond the fence, or if they were planning to fix the carpet, laundry chute, sink or thermostat. We quickly marked off that house because we had no way of knowing if they would do anything unless we put a deposit on it! It wasn't even rentable to me and certainly not worth what they were charging - she didn't even walk through the house with us she just stayed in the livingroom!

The next house we saw was sadly with the same real estate place and that went even worse. There was IMO a possible electrical issue (the outlet was hanging out of the wall at an angle - you couldn't put it back) and there was "something" wired into a bedroom wall and bolted into the outlet and the lady didn't even know how to work the alarm. It was already off my list -because it had like zero dining room- but I went outside to look at the huge back yard when we noticed the broken window that had been TAPED with freakin packing tape! After pointing it out the lady totally didn't seem concerned and said nothing about it being fixed (probably wanted a deposit first) and when DZ asked her if there had been a break in she replied "well you can always call the local police department and check if they have any records of one" UM WTF We can call? Um no hunny that would be YOUR FREAKING JOB!!!!! She also told us that we would have to put a deposit on the house before she could even ask the owners if they would consider our dog - the ad said pets neg - we have to put a deposit on it before we even know if its possible to live there?!?! Anyone else find this insane? I just think this lady was pizzed because when she was trying to pressure us into buying a house we shut her down. Yeah - you people can't even manage to be good rental agents I'm surely gonna buy a house from you oh wait or not.

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Bri said...

OMG I can see why your weekend sucked... all that on top of being out of your element and stuck in a small room. I'd have shot someone for sure LoL