Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!!

We had a wonderful Christmas in the Zilla household. It was nice and quiet. We celebrated Jesus's Birth with just the four (including the DogZilla) of us this year. Normally we venture over to our Very Best Friend's house but he was deployed and her and the kids went to visit family so we just hung out for our last Christmas in the great state of Georgia.

Zilla got up early - I SWEAR that kid has an alarm clock in his room - and the whole unwrapping thing was pretty much done by 7:30am LOL. He LOVED pretty much everything he got and seeing that it was almost all Thomas related that was no surprise. He did come out with a few favorites though and they included: His VERY ANNOYING Thomas toothbrush (I'm saving all loud singing things for well never I'm not buying them anymore), his new take along Thomas track set and his Thomas the train ornament. The toothbrush sounded like it would be great that was until he decided that he was going to play it NONSTOP for over an hour!!! That's right I listened to the theme to Thomas the whole morning until finally he forgot about it - I can't promise that the toothbrush will survive the move. The ornament (i think i might have blogged about it before) is still currently being clutched in his tiny hand as he's sleeping LOL. He seems to like the take along track which is good because that's the only track that won't be packed up come Monday! He seemed to like his books and stuff too but he mainly stuck with what he loved in fact the toothbrush was in his stocking and we had to practically beg him to open anything after that! He got some things from our friends and my Brother and SIL as well but it's late so I'm gonna chat about them tomorrow as well as add pictures then too ok? Sounds good to me nighty night

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