Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aww, Ouch & Yuck

Those about sum up my day (well at least from the yogurt redecoration on)!

Zilla decided to take a little nap with me today in my bed! It was soooooo darn sweet and although we weren't all cuddled up -he is not a cuddlier sorry ladies! -it was still great. That covers Aww.

In an effort to save time (ie. be lazy) I decided that we would do pizza for dinner. When I went to go get pizza I managed to somehow smash my thumb into the door of my car. Now people this didn't just hurt this mother f-ing hurt! I can't think of one semi kid appropriate word to describe the pain I was in. So I go the pizza (yes this happened before getting pizza and yes I managed to go in get pizza and come back out - Zilla knows what the pizza places looks like I couldn't get back in without food!) got in the car and called my mom so that I didn't scream obscene words. Anyway she told me (and this may seem odd) to soak it in vinegar. Well I listened and hot dog if she wasn't right - that stuff made it hurt A LOT less, don't get me wrong it still hurt, but it stopped the throbbing pain! It is also not swollen or bruised! So I'm a believer now - THANKS NANNA!! Hopefully my nail doesn't fall off! Yep thats the ouch!

Ok for the yuck - sorry if this bothers anyone. The dog -who by the way got on the counter and ate my bread, hamburger buns, got in the trash and ate a dirty diaper while we were gone - decided to throw up on my carpet. Now the good part to this story is that this time she actually ate it!! See thats good cause shes not a normal dog she doesn't eat her own barf like most dogs, in fact this is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time shes done it in her life. I'm just happy that she (for once) cleaned up after herself!!


Bri said...

OMG that grosses me out so bad when dogs do that but yah, atleast you didn't have to clean it up.

Tiffany said...

Yes it was totally nasty to see but with the day I was having and how much my thumb was hurting I was just happy to not have to clean that up. I think she could just sense that it was NOT a good time to make mommy mad and thats why she helped me out LOL.