Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry but I can't help you

This is how my call went this morning:
Moron*: Hello this is Podunk Dentistry*. How can I help you?
Me: Hello we just moved here and yesterday my crown fell out while I was eating I really need to get it fixed.
Moron: Yes I understand but I don't think we can help you.
Me: huh?
Moron: Yes see Dr Moron#2* usually likes us to bring in new patients through the hygiene appts. So We would have to schedule that first.
Me: (thinking to myself um yeah you obviously didn't understand since a crown coming off is pretty important) Yes I understand that and wouldn't mind getting a cleaning but this is (got cut off here by moron)
Moron: Yes I understand that you have a um circumstance but thats how Dr Moron#2 likes it done so thats how I have to do it. (in a very snotty tone)
Me: Um okay well thanks anyway

I hung up and just couldn't understand how a person could be so retarded. I mean what if I wasn't due for a cleaning for another 4 months - would I need to wait until then to get my crown fixed? Oh well that was the only dentist in my tiny neck of the woods so I called another place in the woods next door LOL and that lady was super duper nice and I have an appt tomorrow morning to get my crown fixed hopefully. Amazing what a little customer service will do - I'll be taking my jacked up mouth and all the money I will have to spend on it to the next town over!


Penz said...

Look at it this way love, a 5 minute phone call with a moron is better than a 30 minute visit listening to the snotty moron. :) I feel for you though. I hate hate hate, loathe bad customer service. Hopefully that guy will go out of business, then again, where do they think they Beverly Hills or something, should call back and prank his smug ass! Sorry, maybe I would sink to that level, but sometimes, when the people are really rude to me on the phone, I do that. I say that I was an insider for a customer service company affiliated with the BBB and they just failed and to expect a report soon. :) Its so funny... :) Just the thought of that made you smile I hope. Have a good day love.

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Wow, that was totally stupid of them!! I just can't believe some people.