Monday, February 16, 2009

The truck hates us!

We have had DaddyZilla's truck for a while now and for the most part its been a nice productive member of our family but we have had our moments of thinking it possibly hated us. It's broken down several times since we've owned it and all happened in remote locations that weren't exactly the best places for it to happen. Well today was again one of those times! DZ went to go get us some Firehouse subs (yum) in the next town over and I got a call telling me to come pick him up. So zilla and I drove to get him and take him to a parts store and back to the truck only to realize the chick at the parts store gave him the wrong size part! Back to the parts store and then back to the truck to fix it for real this time. Other places would include: me & 2 dogs on the side of I95 and DZ, Zilla and I on the side of I95. Why can't it be a good truck and mess up in front of the parts store?

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