Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's FIXED!!

Yesterday I went to my dentist appt (with the nice place) and they fixed my tooth!!! YAY!!! I'm very excited about this as I was kinda worried as to the cost in case they couldn't just cement it back in place but overall it was a pleasant experience and I will be going back to this place. I told the receptionist about my call at the Moron place and she agreed that it was a silly policy but thats just how they roll there I guess.

I asked him about what age they start taking kids and he told me usually around 3 or 4 but that they defer to when the parent thinks they are ready. It did seem as though they do their best to make it comfortable for kids as well as make it fun for their first visit. I'm about 1001% sure that Zilla is NOT ready at all to make the visit so for now we will hold off. The dentist told me to just keep a close eye on his teeth to be sure that there are no cavities growing as well as the brushing and flossing that I already do. I'm cool with this because in order to add Zilla to our dental plan it will double the monthly fee we pay so I'm all good until he's really ready to go.

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Penz said...

Congrats for that! Lo has been to the dentist twice she will of course be 2 next thursday...I take all the kids at the same time though and he just has her open her mouth and check right now that he doesn't see any problems...she lets him, gets a bag with a toddler toothbrush and a coin for the prize machine... I think its easier when you have older kids that do it though, my oldest would never go in to the dentist when he was little, finally at 6 is when he would let them see his mouth...those were tough times back then :)