Sunday, February 1, 2009

News you should know

DZ and I have been talking and I *think* I have decided to try and go back to school to get my nursing degree. It would certainly make it easier for me to get a well paying job anywhere we happened to be stationed and with my current BSBA I could get into administration after a year or two! I have looked and the local Community College does offer a two year Nursing degree and they have a campus right here in Pudunk! So I'm planning to go visit them this week to see what all I would need to do and find out if they have a waiting list or anything.

On another note this afternoon I stupidly decided to go to the commisary (military grocery store for those that know) today to pick up what we needed for the next couple weeks. Well today is the stupid bowl and I again stupidly thought that the game came on in the afternoon (can you tell we don't watch it here?) so I headed out about 3pm and I discovered that it didn't start until much later. I found this out because EVERYONE was there!!! Oh and there was NO food. The bread asile looked as if it had been raided and forget finding any tortilla chips or meat. It was sad and the line was sadder. So as a treat to myself for going through that I got myself a Diet Dr Pepper and a starbusrt - another stupid move! When I got home I opened up a star burst and then BAM what did I feel in my mouth but MY FRIGGIN TOOTH!!!!! Yep I had dislodged a crown or something with the starburst and it's now sitting on my kitchen counter. Oh yeah did I mention that I have yet to find a dentist here so I have no dental records and no dentist and a busted up tooth. Said tooth is one of only 2 molars I have on the bottom left so now I'm sporting only one - this is going to cost me!


Bri said...

I didnt think the superbowl was on til like 8 LoL Sorry it was such a crappy day. Tomorrow will be better! Big hugs! Yay for going back to school! I have been tossing around the idea myself.

Tiffany said...

What all did you want to go back for? I'm hoping to be done by 2011 and then Zilla will be going into school so I can get a job until we move in 2012 lol.

DZ is thinking of taking classes to - he wants to get his private pilots thing.

Lots of studying will be going on in this house lol.