Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movie Review Time

Ok so lately we've seen:
August Rush - The story of two musicians who after giving up their son for adoption end up finding him 11 years later when he's become a musical prodigy. It was totally heart filled and the mom in me just wanted to cry for the mom and the little boy! It was a good story and totally worth watching!! A++

Appaloosa - This is a western movie that DZ requested starring Viggo Mortensin and Ed Harris and wasn't too bad. It was a little slow at some points but overall it was a decent movie. I think that what most annoyed me about it was Renee Zellweger - she stars in it and well I just don't really care for her. She looked like she actually ate before filming so that was nice but she still couldn't muster up any more than her like 5 facial expressions so that got to me throughout the whole movie. Not bad if you like westerns. B

Over Her Dead Body - This is about a women who gets killed on her wedding day and later comes back to haunt the women that starts to see her would-been husband. I thought it was gonna be kinda dumb but it was actually pretty darn funny - both DZ and I were laughing throughout the whole movie. B++

Ghost Town - This was about a guy who's is a jerk until he dies during surgery only to wake up now seeing ghosts. He's pulled into a scheme by one of the ghosts to keep his widow from re-marrying. It was quite funny and I enjoyed it. B+

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