Friday, February 13, 2009

My Big Dinner Date

Well DZ was able to come home from school this weekend because of Presidents Day (YAY for that being V-day weekend right?) so he got here this afternoon. Well we don't normally do much in the way of Valentines mainly because I think it's a retarded holiday - I mean um hello he should love on me EVERYDAY not just Feb 14th. Anyway last week we bought each other a movie as our 'gifts' - yeah I know we are totally romantic LOL. So tonight DZ decided that he would take me (and the turd since we don't know any babysitters!) out to dinner tonight instead of tomorrow since even here in Podunk we knew it would be busy. Since toddler and busy don't mix tonight it was.

I got all dressed up (for me anyway) and we headed out to a Mexican place that really is in the middle of nowhere. Well apparently we weren't the only smarties trying to do dinner early. It was an hour and five minute wait!!! Well toddler and waiting don't really mix well either so we ended up having McDonald's! Yep I put on makeup, jewelery and heels to eat at the golden arches! Oh well at least Zilla was happy!


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

That is too cute!! At least it was a dinner that you didn't have to cook right?

Tiffany said...

i'm all about not cooking and i was totally cool with mickey d's but we will be trying out that mexican place another time cause it smelled GOOD!! lol