Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I have a headache

What can make your kid prance around your living room like a pony?

Sugar or well actually Splenda and lots of it! Zilla so lovingly went into the kitchen and got my container of Splenda and put himself a nice big helping onto the coffee table. I caught him having a grand old time licking it up and driving his train through the new "beach"! The kicker was that after he got what he wanted on the table he actually took the container back into the kitchen and put it back on the counter top!

Zilla has also managed to lose his SECOND Thomas ornament. He got this thing for Christmas and fell immediately in love with it. Then he lost the silly thing somewhere. So I ordered another off ebay and well he's now gone and lost that one too. He has said "Wheres Thomas?" and "I can't find him" about 1,000 times today and I'm losing my mind trying to find this dumb thing. I have searched the house high and low since I don't think it's been outside the house at all but it's no where to be found. There is either a Thomas eating black hole in this house or Zilla is hiding them somewhere! Either way unless we find this one he is SOL cause I'm NOT buying another one! Oh my head is pounding!

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