Sunday, February 15, 2009


OMG I'm sooooo crazy happy right now -having nothing to do with valentines- WE FOUND HIM!!! Thomas the 'stupid I keep getting lost and the questions about where I am drive mom crazy' train has been found!!! Zilla "lost" him on Tuesday and I have been searching ever since. I looked everywhere in my house, the post office, the water department and out in my yard. Even though those last three places I was 98% sure he hadn't been but I did it anyway because my poor baby was missing his fav toy but mostly because I needed to find him in order to stop hearing "wheres thomas mama?" and "He lost" and "we find him" a TRILLION times a day! Anyway DZ was looking in the house with me cause I knew that he was either here or had been eaten by a black hole. DZ FOUND HIM!!!!!

I'm a smidgen pissed at myself cause I actually did look where DZ found him (in the pocket on the back of the pottery barn chair in case you was wondering) but I guess I didn't stick my hand down in that particular corner! Sneaky little train. Grr how annoying but thats ok i'm just happy that he's found. Zilla was happy to see him and held him lovingly as he went to sleep!

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