Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why can't it be warm already?

OMG last week was SOOO cold (for the south at least)!!! The other day I decided to take Zilla outside to the "beach" cause you can only keep the boy couped up for so long before he goes crazy. Well we went outside and I noticed that his beach pail had some rain in it so I was gonna dump it out before he decided to play in it. I went to go remove the shovel and this is what I found:
Ok well that was at 4 PM!!! Yep that shovel is frozen in ICE at four in the afternoon! Thats just too dang cold for this Florida girl!

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Bri said...

We had to walk around a solid puddle of ice the other morning on our way into Kadie's school. My nose hairs were freezing it was so cold!