Monday, September 1, 2008

1982 - Great Year, Great Score!

I think the 1982 was a wonderful year - after all I was born in March of that year! I do however think that also a GREAT score. On the Wii Fit Super Hula Hoop that is. I just got done getting 1,982 spins!! I'm very proud of myself 998 of those were on one side - I was really shooting for 1,000 and just barely missed it. Anyway I'm plum worn out - that Super Hula Hoop will give you a for sure work out and make you sweat like a man but I just live it. I do that almost every time I do the wii. If you have wii fit and haven't tried it - go try it NOW cause it's fun and well I told you too LOL.

Have fun and make sure to have a bottle of water waiting!!

ETA: Wow ok just finished the advanced step and free step. I am sweating like a man for sure right now and I am also positive that I probably should go shower before I stink my son and hubby out of the house! HAHA I am totally LOVING the wii!!!!

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