Monday, September 8, 2008

Return of the Bassinet!!

Today I prepared myself mentally for a fight because I planned to return my recalled bassinet to Burlington Coat Factory. Lets just say I haven't had very good experiences at our local store so I just knew it was gonna be a PITA.

I'll admit it - I was wrong.

The manager at the customer service desk was the person who was my reason for not shopping there anymore so I was really looking forward to it . I have to say that after I explained that I had a recalled bassinet and that the corporate customer relations department said it was ok if I didn't have my receipt he was TOTALLY nice and went out of his way to help me. Their registers were bringing the bassinets up at $9.99 - about $70 less than I paid for it! He called about 5 people to get it figured out and eventually they got my $79.99+tax on a store credit. He apologized several times for it taking so long and was completely just as great as he could have been. Makes me almost want to start shopping there again!

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Anonymous said...

Since you got store credit you are going to HAVE to shop there again - so I'm glad all went well!!! What happened to going to "W" ???

143...Nanna ;)