Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lost & Found, Annoying Grandma and a Boo-Boo

That would about sum up our trip to the mall yesterday. We were all walking along enjoying the chaos that is our mall on the weekend when I noticed this super duper cute little girl up ahead of us - she was very pretty and had long curly blond hair and was being very good walking along with (what we thought) was her dad just a step behind her. Well as we continue to walk along I notice the guy start to walk ahead of her and she seemed to be looking around a lot so my mommy radar began to sound LOUDLY. Finally the guy walked off completely so I went to her and asked her if she knew where he mommy was and she told me "At work" so I asked about her daddy or whoever she was there with and finally pulled out of her that she couldn't find her Nana.

Ok I can tell you that are words you NEVER want to hear from a kid - even if it's not your own - thats just scary to think a little child doesn't know where their family is. I looked around and I didn't see anyone frantically looking for a child -which is exactly what I'd be doing including screaming their name and asking everyone in sight if they'd seen my kid - so I had her walk with me until we found a security guard. The guy asked where we first saw her and got on his radio to report that he had a little girl. I was asking her what her nana looked like or what she was wearing but the poor little girl didn't know. The security guard said that he would take it over from there but man I can say that it was VERY hard to just walk away from that poor little girl when she looked so scared and lost. I hope they found her Nana.

We then went to the B&N train table where we met a really annoying grandma. It was us and another little 2 year old when this lady and her 2 yr old granddaughter came up. She proceeded to then tell us that the little girl just talks all the time and can even recite the Pledge of Allegiance and this and that shes sure our kids will "catch up" - um ok our kids are the overachievers that yours is but they don't' need to catch up. Blah I certainly hope my parents are like this about Zilla to other people - how annoying. Thankfully she left not too long after that.

When we were done at the train table Zilla decided to come racing to find me (I was looking at books while DaddyZilla watched him). Well our B&N has these computer things where you can look up your own books and Zilla just so happened to find one of the metal trays that hold the keyboard - WITH HIS HEAD! He hit the corner pretty hard and was crying like crazy. Luckily for him he still has a nice thick layer of cradle cap on his head so that cushioned the blow and their was minimal blood. He calmed down and the manager came over to check on him (they were super nice) but we told her it was no biggie - just a small scrape so we just took his booty home. Fun times were had by all!!

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