Sunday, September 21, 2008

How important is it?

Just how important is a main ingredient in a recipe? That's a good question and what better way to find out than experimenting on my family's dinner? lol

I had planned on making corn pudding tonight to go with our meatloaf - it's an awesome recipe and should have been a no brainer. The main ingredient in corn pudding is corn - duh - well it's two kinds of corn, regular kernels and creamed corn. So anyway about 30 minutes into it's 60 minute cook time I realized that the can of regular corn was still sitting totally full on my counter! So I was really making creamed corn pudding. I was a little worried as to how it was gonna turn out but then again it was too late to turn around. So 30 minutes later I took it out and it surprisingly didn't taste that bad. DaddyZilla even had seconds.

So the answer is that apparently in corn pudding at least the main ingredient isn't that important! HA who would have guessed.


preppy little dress said...

i like making recipes but i always end up putting my own touch into everything. sometimes it works, others my husband complains! too funny!

Bri said...

Having a guy have seconds doesn't mean THAT much... atleast not in MY house LoL Things have to be pretty bad for John not to eat them hahahaha. Glad it turned out alright though.

Bri said...

So, that can of corn you didn't use... can I get that? I'm a regular can of corn short of corn pudding and don't really feel like screwing it up on purpose LoL