Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Find!

Today was playdate day but well I just wasn't feeling it and decided instead to run some errands. I had to go mail the diaper bag I sold (YAY), stop by the library to pick up DaddyZilla's hold item and a few other books I want to read, and I needed to go by our thrift shop to see if they had a check for me (i consigned a few things).

I met a friend there and BAM right off the bat I found the perfect shoes to go with Zilla's Halloween Costume!!! Oh and the best part? They looked new, fit him like a glove and were only $3!! How exciting considering the ones I saw on sale at Gymboree looked odd and would have been $20 on sale!

I love me some bargains!!! I don't get this "high" often because our selection of shops in this town plain stinks. Anyway YAY for me.

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