Saturday, September 6, 2008

Goodbye Hanna!

Tropical Storm Hanna passed us up - Thank Goodness! Last night DaddyZilla and I were sorta expecting lots of wind and possibly a loss of power but Hanna really didn't effect us much at all.

We did however lose power - not having to do with Hanna at all - some horrible driver hit a pole or something who knows but it knocked out our power for about 40-45 minutes. So DZ and I lit some candles and just hung out until it came back on. Luckily for us Zilla was already asleep so we didn't have to try and entertain him in the dark! Well that was our whole ordeal and luckily from everything I'm reading online (since they don't show news on Noggin) the Carolina's didn't really get hit hard or anything by Hanna either. Now as long as hurricane Ike stays away from us we'll be good to go for now.

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