Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Future Soccer Star?

I may have a future David Beckham on my hands - but WAY cuter!

Yesterday evening Zilla had his very first Soccer Practice. He really enjoyed it for about 3 or 4 minutes and then he just wanted to run around the entire field paying zero attention to practice at all. The "coach" didn't even seem to notice though so no harm done. We have about 15 kids on our little team and two "coaches" so it was interesting to say the least. A friend and I both agreed at the end that the coaches seemed to be expecting quite a bit of coordination and attention from a group of 2 year olds. I will admit that Zilla's attention span is only like 5 minutes so he's on the extreme end but seriously 45 minutes of practice? We'll see how it goes next week - maybe "coach" David will have realized that he's teaching 2 year olds AND 3/4 year olds not just 4 year olds. Zilla had a GREAT time running around though but I can't say I had the best time running after him. Here are some pics:
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Anonymous said...

OMG...he is SOOOOO adorable!!! Get him some cleats and he'll be good to go! The pictures are GREAT! I think he's going to look fantastic on the billboard in Time Square!!! It will be Zillamania!

Zip it like Zilla!!!!!
Zap it like Zilla!!!!!

(we have time to come up a slogan)

Nanna ;)