Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seriously it's only 5 inches

I'll start by saying GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER you sickos! lol

I understand that sometimes guys have an aiming problem while going pee but come on! We moved Zilla's potty chair into the living room because that would make it easier for him to get to - if he suddenly felt like helping out with this whole potty training thing. Well about 5 minutes ago I look over to see my darling son standing about 5 tiny inches from the potty peeing on my FLOOR!! Come on - it was only 5 inches he could have slightly turned to his right and BAM we would have had success!! But no he couldn't be bothered with that so he peed on the floor then when I pointed to the potty and said that's where we pee he proceeds to sit on the potty and say "pee" - yeah not much help afterward there sweetie. Blah

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